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We've been married for 4 years, and are currently parents to two amazingly smart and crazy dogs, Betsey and Hankey. Now we are ready for the next step in life. We want CHILDREN we can love FOREVER! Unfortunately, life hasn't panned out exactly as we had hoped so far on that front, though.


Let's start off from the beginning. We met through an online dating service in January of 2014. Oran was living in West Jordan, Utah at the time, and Melanie was living in a small town near Pocatello, Idaho. Even though it was a good 2 1/2 hour drive between us, Oran decided that he would message her, to see if we would hit it off. She responded almost immediately, and after a year and a half of dating we finally took the plunge and got married.

Although, circumstances in life have made it more difficult for us to get pregnant, we still know we are supposed to be parents, and so we started looking into the wonderful world of adoption. Ever since Oran was a child he knew he wanted to adopt, he just didn't realize how soon. Luckily his beautiful bride took to the idea of adoption right away, and that brings us to where we are today! WOOT!

We hope you take the time to browse our website to get to know us better, and see why we ARE the RIGHT PARENTS for your CHILD!




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SeaKarting in Indian Ocean
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Why We Would Make Great Parents

About Oran (by Melanie): Oran's number one priority is family. He's wanted a big family since he was a kid, growing up as an only child. As long as I've known him, he's talked about wanting to have kids and provide a happy home for them. He loves kids, and they love him! He doesn't consider interacting with them a chore, and they seem to sense that. It's a true joy for him to get to teach a child a new joke or a magic trick or listen to them talk about their day or what's important to them. I know Oran will encourage our children to challenge themselves and help pick them up when they fall. He'll encourage them to pursue their passions and work hard. I know our kids will be able to go to him when they're afraid or need help, and he'll be there for them. He'll be their biggest cheerleader and strongest protector.

About Melanie (by Oran): I personally wish I could just talk about how amazing Melanie is in every way, but I'll just have to settle for sticking to the topic of Melanie as a parent. Ever since we started dating Melanie has had very motherly qualities. She is always willing to take on the impossible, even when she might be afraid to fail, she does it, and does it with a smile no less. She has been amazing with our two dogs, when they are naughty, she gently reprimands them, and they listen to her immediately. Her soft and caring nature is definitely a blessing to our household. She has become the "aunt" that all of our friends children cling to every moment. It's so much fun to watch them play, literally, on top of her as if she were an amusement park ride. She is the one the children have to show every new discovery to, or the one the kids bring books to to read to them. She is genuinely caring, and that is why she is the favorite. Don't tell her, but I think it's also because sometimes she has a hard time saying, "no." But that is a good thing most of the time. When it comes time for discipline, she just has this way of getting them to understand what they've done wrong, and how they can fix it. She will be the best mommy in the world! No doubts!


A Note to You



We can only imagine how hard it must be to place a child for adoption, but rest assured we will not let your baby forget the sacrifices made for them. We promise to provide a loving home with strong morals. We are seeking an open adoption if that is what you wish. We will utilize everything in our power to keep the connection with you as open as possible. When someone adopts a child, they don't just adopt them, but they adopt many others as well. We want you to know if we promise something, we will stick to our word.

We will make sure to provide our child with all sorts of adventures. We will strive to inspire their curiosity, and encourage them to be anything they want to be. We will take them to plays, musicals, operas, sporting events, and go camping. We will encourage them to take part in cultural activities and have fun!

We promise you that your child will be loved and cherished forever! And we keep our promises.

We're so excited to take this journey together!

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